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For Business Brokers: List for FREE, tap into our vast network of potential buyers. Refer a buyer for financing and we partner with you to ensure deal success.

For Business Owners: Connect directly with motivated buyers or let us match you with the right broker.

How it works?

Your time is valuable, this is why we have made Village Wellth so simple to get started. Connect with buyers in minutes.
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Craft & Showcase Your Deals
Create an opportunity in a few simple steps that you can share with prospective buyers
List deal publicly and have buyers contact you
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List deal privately and share it with select buyers
Engage with the Right Buyers
Search and filter through our pool of qualified buyers that match your criteria.
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Simple search
New buyer notifications
Narrow or broaden your search as needed
Facilitate & Close with Acquirewell
Streamline communication and information exchange effortlessly
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When buyers are ready, refer them to Acquirewell. We'll ensure they get the financing and deal structuring support they need.
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With Acquirewell's expert guidance, you're positioned to close deals more efficiently and successfully.

Accelerate your Sale.
Engage, communicate and close with the right buyer, faster.

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The Broker Partner Advantage: Partner with Village Wellth and ensure every deal closes. When your potential buyers need financing, we navigate them through a streamlined process to ensure they get the best possible lending solution. Earn success fees on successful transactions.
Free and Controlled Listings: List businesses in the Village Wellth marketplace at no cost and choose how you showcase them. Share listings publicly to reach a wide audience or privately to target specific buyers.
Auto-matching & Efficient Communication: Our platform intelligently matches you with vetted buyers, ensuring quality connections. Seamlessly manage buyer requests and inquiries with our intuitive in-app messaging.
Connecting Business Owners to Brokers: Business owners looking to list can be matched with our vetted broker partners, ensuring they receive expert guidance and representation.