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Connection Plan
$79 Monthly
/per month

$79 on monthly subscription

Access vetted and qualified buyers and use in app messaging to organize and manage your buyer flow, easily

Listing Management
$250 Monthly
/per month
+  3% success fee (Capped)

Village Wellth markets and manages the sale of your business, bringing you the best candidates for acquisition. We do the work for you.    Learn more

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Manage your Business Listing.
Find, chat and connect with the right buyer, faster.
Automatching to vetted buyers: Let the platform match you with the best fit for your business listing
Buyer flow management: Manage your buyer requests and inquiries with in-app messaging and document exchange.
Share a business listing publicly or privately: Showcase your listing to a wide audience or target specific buyers.
Listing management: Let Village Wellth market and manage your listing to find the right buyer for you, faster. Learn more
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Your time is valuable, this is why we have made Village Wellth so simple to get started. Build your profile in minutes.
Create Deals
Create an opportunity in a few simple steps that you can share with prospective buyers
List deal publicly and have buyers contact you
List deal privately and share it with select buyers
Connect with buyers
Search and filter through our pool of qualified buyers that match your criteria.
Simple search
New buyer notifications
Narrow or broaden your search as needed
Connect with buyer to Manage your listing and  buyer flow
Streamline communication and information exchange effortlessly
Use in app messaging to share documents and information about your business