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Why "About me" Matters

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YES, it's true. Sellers will read your “about me” information that you enter.

Your acquisition profile is your calling card to the acquisition world. 

Sellers visit Village Wellth to find motivated buyers for their businesses.

They do this by entering in the specific industry categories, the company value, the location and how much available capital a buyer would need to qualify as a candidate for their company. Your profile will show up if you are a match,

Your ABOUT ME section is the first impression they have of you. You have a paragraph to explain to them why you are worth contacting. 

The buyers who get the most connection requests are speaking authentically to a seller about their background, their motivation for buying a business, any specifics about what they are looking for and where. Sellers are attracted to buyers who know what they’re looking for. 

Here are some of the best ABOUT ME examples:

My partner and I are looking to acquire a new business. I have a background in capital markets, sales and marketing. This is my first pursuit of a business, but I am excited to leap into the world of entrepreneurship. My partner has a long history of entrepreneurship and recently sold an automotive repair business after 28 years of building the business from scratch. We have 5 other partners that are co-investors with us in finding and funding a new business. We are flexible in how a deal/sale can be structured and we are looking for a business in the Southern Alberta area. We do not have any current restrictions on industry and are open to looking at different businesses.

I'm an experienced business owner looking for an opportunity to own (partially or fully) a business producing consistent cash flow. I have a background in finance and can bring these skills to a company that requires strong financial leadership as it continues to grow. Ideally a business in the greater Toronto area, however I am willing to relocate or travel depending on the current management in place and the needs of the business. A business in the manufacturing or distribution sectors is my preference.

My husband and I are professional accountants and are seeking a small business to acquire and run ourselves. We have successfully grown our accounting firm with a very capable team and now have the time and capacity to explore new ventures. With our combined experience we feel that, working with a retiring business owner to transition out of their business, we can help a company reach new heights.

So what are you looking for!? 

If you need help filling out a profile that will get connection requests book a free consultation call with me. Let’s get you connected to businesses for sale!

Liz MacRae

Liz MacRae, Co-Founder - Village Wellth

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September 18, 2022
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