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Webinar Series – Navigating Negotiations

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During this electrifying webinar, we dive deep into the art of negotiation with Joanna Shea, a master of negotiation. Watch as she uncovers her invaluable insights and reveals game-changing tips and tricks that will empower you to conquer any negotiation challenge with confidence and finesse. Get ready to unlock your negotiation mastery and revolutionize your deal-making abilities.

As the Co-Founder of the Negotiations Collective, Joanna brings extensive experience in negotiations spanning 18 years across multiple sectors. She has successfully led acquisitions, divestments, and contract negotiations worth over $2B. She has held senior leadership positions in various areas such as commercial negotiations, project management, resource development, and organizational restructuring. Her expertise includes managing capital projects totalling $1B in both Canada and the United States. Additionally, Joanna has made significant contributions as a director and president of volunteer and professional organizations across Canada, advocating for member interests and implementing impactful education and social programs. She holds a BCOM from St. Francis Xavier University. She has completed intensive in-house Conflict and Negotiations training with British Petroleum, as well as Graduate Certificates in Project Leadership from Cornell University and Negotiations Mastery from the Harvard School of Business.

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July 10, 2023
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