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Webinar Series - Lenders' Perspective on Due Diligence

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During this dynamic session, we dive deep into the world of due diligence from the viewpoint of lenders, uncovering the key areas they meticulously examine when it comes to business acquisitions. Get ready to gain insider knowledge and discover best practices that will empower you to navigate the due diligence process with confidence.

Some of the topics we unpacked were:

  • What lenders look for
  • Misalignment of values
  • Common mistakes to avoid

Joining our session are special guests Brenda Slauko with BDC, Kyle Kreppenhofer with Ashdown Capital, and Chaker Espinoza with RBC.

Brenda Slauko has over 25 years of experience at BDC, helping leading innovators get their start. As a financing partner, Brenda and her team connect companies, market influencers and investors through networking, insights and events.

Kyle Kreppenhofer is an experienced commercial lender. With his extensive knowledge and resources, he delivers customized financing solutions aligned with your specific goals. Kyle understands that securing funding can be time-consuming, costly, and complicated. His aim is to simplify the process, enabling you to save time and increase profits by accessing working capital more efficiently. 

Chaker Espinoza, originally from Dubai, UAE, moved to Canada at 19 and completed an MBA in Finance in 2013. With over 10 years of experience in commercial banking, he currently serves as a Relationship Manager and Financial Analyst at the Royal Bank of Canada. Chaker specializes in providing financing solutions for SMEs, particularly in sectors such as Natural Resources, Indigenous Entrepreneurship, Construction, Marinas, Retail, and Supply Chain.

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June 22, 2023
Webinar Series
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