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The Finance Cafe Podcast - Bringing business acquisition to light

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The Finance Cafe Podcast, the only business podcast for women entrepreneurs that breaks through the money taboo and explores what’s behind the numbers.

Co-founder and podcast host, Shannon Pestun, explores the avenue to entrepreneurship. Elizabeth MacRae, Co-founder of Village Wellth, discusses how buying a business is an excellent career path option for people in the small business space and an investment path that can be a real avenue to financial freedom.

Liz shares how with the baby boomer generation retiring from business ownership in droves there is ample opportunity for underrepresented groups and individuals to acquire these small businesses. Listen in as these two brilliant minds dive into all the things you need to know.

After missing the opportunity to take over her father’s company due to a lack of succession planning Elizabeth and her husband Scott ventured into business ownership through purchasing a franchise. The experience of starting a new franchise and coming full circle to sell it led her into the business succession space; training as a business broker and later, exit planning advisor.

Over the last 10 years Elizabeth has acquired and exited 2 companies and lives to tell the tales.

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June 14, 2022
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