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Self-Funded Search Study

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This study is not your average snooze-fest!

The Search Investment Group went all out with their Self-Funded Search Study, blazing a trail in their quest for data, insights, and perspectives from self-funded entrepreneurs across all stages of the entrepreneurship through acquisition ("ETA") process.

From those currently on the hunt, to those already in the thick of it, and even those who have come out the other side (let's call them "searchers"), this study is a veritable treasure trove of information that will leave you feeling like a seasoned pro!

It packs a punch by delivering crucial insights to the self-funded search community and to those who are mulling over the self-funded route towards owning and operating their own small or medium-sized business. Get ready to be empowered with knowledge!

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One of the key takeaways is ONLY 17% of completed transactions come from listing sites.

Furthermore, searchers that successfully acquired a business submitted an average of
~7 total Letters of Intent (“LOIs”) during the search phase with 2.4 of those LOIs executed on average.

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April 27, 2023
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