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Buying a business - Masterclass

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Are you thinking of getting a small business loan to buy a business? Perfect. You've come to the right place.

They don't teach this type of entrepreneurship in school. This totally jargon-free course will turn you into an acquisition genius in less than 45 minutes, helping you get a business loan to acquire a business.

6 short videos that will change your future

  • Whether you're an expert or an acquisition novice, this series will give you a strong acquisition foundation.
  • Learn whether its possible to get a business loan with no money down?
  • Real tools you can start using today to build a strong acquisition plan
  • Save yourself thousands and build real wealth with time-tested advice from one of the best acquisition minds in the industry.

Lessons by Scott Duke - Opn Road : Serial Entrepreneur and M&A Advisor

He's done it all. Started businesses. Bought businesses. Sold businesses. Got a small business loan. He lives to tell the tale. Here is the origin story of 'The Man, The Myth, the Legend' in the M&A world.

Scott is the founder of Opn Road specializing in acquisition management and deal origination for companies with revenues between $2M and $20M.

What you will learn

Lesson 1: Buy vs. Build

Start from scratch or buy a business? Hint: To accelerate your entrepreneurship journey, buying a business is faster, easier and more sustainable. It is way easier to get a business loan with something generating revenue and profit than building from scratch.

Lesson 2: Starting your search

What is the best strategy to find that perfect business? Hint: The best deals aren't listed. Our buyer search engine brings deals to your inbox

Lesson 3: Building your acquisition team

This is a team sport. Who do you need in your lineup? Hint: A lawyer is a must.

Lesson 4: Financing your acquisition

You will finance your business with equity (down payment) and debt (lending). How does it work and what are your options? Hint: You will need at least 20% down to make borrowing options work. We can help you get a business loan with our financing solutions.

Lesson 5: Making an offer

Your Letter of Intent (LOI) is a conversation starter and non-binding. What are the fundamental pieces of an LOI? Hint: Your first offer will get rejected.

Lesson 6: Due Diligence and closing

Due Diligence includes a detailed review of operations, finances and legal. Discover what each stage entails. Hint: Expect another round of negotiations.

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June 16, 2022
Master Class
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