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Behind the scenes of a successful acquisition - Webinar Recap

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In the dynamic world of business acquisition, success stories often emerge from unique journeys and strategic decision-making. This webinar explores valuable insights shared by entrepreneurs who have successfully bought and sold businesses, as well as seasoned experts in the fields of law, finance, and business leadership.

1. Diverse Career Paths: From Cereal to Cannabis

Andrew, a seasoned sales and leadership professional, shares his diverse career journey—from selling cereal and chocolates to venturing into the cannabis industry. His recent acquisition showcases the possibilities and opportunities available on the business market.

2. Financing Strategies: VTB, Seller Financing, and Co-Investors

Navigating complex financing deals requires strategic planning. The discussion on VTB, seller financing, and co-investors sheds light on the evolving landscape of deal structures, providing insights into ensuring smooth transitions and continuity of cash flows.

3. Due Diligence: Building Trust and Resolving Issues

The due diligence process is crucial in building trust and resolving potential issues. Andrew's experience with vendor financing challenges and Joel's emphasis on trust-building underscore the importance of a thorough examination before closing a deal.

4. Earnouts, Seller Fatigue, and Starting a Business

Andrew discusses the strategic use of earnouts to bridge valuation gaps, emphasizing the importance of understanding seller fatigue in the M&A process. Brad and Joel provide valuable advice on starting a business: hiring a good lawyer and building a resilient team.

5. Working Capital and Critical Agreements

Agreeing on working capital pegs during due diligence is critical to avoiding post-closing disputes. Legal due diligence is highlighted as a crucial step in identifying and addressing potential issues in purchase and sale agreements.

6. Expertise Matters: M&A with Brad Schneider and Joel Sawgrass

The importance of expertise in mergers and acquisitions is highlighted through Brad Schneider, an experienced lawyer, and Joel Sawgrass, a senior commercial banker. Their roles in private transactions underscore the significance of knowledgeable partners in business ventures.

7. The Importance of Character and Structure in Business

The significance of character in business acquisitions, emphasizing trust and integrity.

At Village Wellth, helping buyers reach their acquisition goal is what we do. Acquisition financing is complex. We make it simple!

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December 8, 2023
Webinar Series
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